Raleigh-Durham Traffic Attorney - Fayetteville, Charlotte NC Traffic Lawyer Do you need a Durham traffic attorney? Traffic tickets for moving violations can be expensive problems for you. Expenses from the fine imposed and from the resulting increase in insurance premiums can be very costly. Some traffic convictions may also have a negative impact on certain types of employment or result in a driver’s license suspension.  It can be very expensive to reinstate a driver’s license after it has been suspended. It makes sense to talk to a traffic lawyer to learn your rights.

Most traffic tickets are simple infractions.  Other traffic tickets are actually criminal charges.  For example, in North Carolina, speeding more than 15 mph over the posted speed limit or driving more than 80 mph regardless of the posted speed limit are actually criminal misdemeanor charges.

If you have gotten a traffic ticket in North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee, you are entitled to a trial. You may win the trial and have the ticket dismissed if it cannot be proven that you were guilty of the offense. Also, it may be that a settlement of the ticket can be negotiated that is less costly than the fine and/or the effect on your insurance premiums, your driving history, your driving privileges and/or your employment. It is worth speaking to a traffic attorney.

If you have been ticketed, Merritt Webb is happy to help you if we can. The controlling law and options available for a traffic defendant differ from court to court. If you do not properly respond to a traffic citation, you could face additional penalties, including conviction, increased fines, arrest and/or driver’s license suspension. We have a number of traffic lawyers who are well-trained and experienced in how best to handle this matter for you.

If you have received a traffic ticket in Durham, North Carolina, the traffic attorneys at at Merritt Webb are happy to review your matter to see if we can help you. The impact of traffic tickets can have serious consequences. To see if a traffic lawyer can help you in this matter, you should either call us at 1.800.556.8404 or click here to fill out a short Traffic Matter Inquiry form.

Our lawyers at Merritt Webb are ready to help you deal with this problem quickly, decisively and efficiently. Just Contact Us. Help may be only a phone call or a mouse-click away. Let us see if we can help you.

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