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Workers’ Compensation, What is Covered?

By Joey Wilson When you have a workers’ compensation claim, you have an employee worried about numerous things because a workers’ comp injury affects their livelihood and the employee often has obligations, like a family to support. The employee needs an attorney who can assist them on many levels because they could have an injury […]

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Workers’ Compensation and Employee Termination

Does a workers’ compensation claim make it illegal for the employer to fire the employee? The laws surrounding this type of situation are meant to protect both the worker and the employer, in fairness to both. This means that the rights and responsibilities of both sides are spelled out, yet subject to some interpretation.  Job […]

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How to Determine if a Workers’ Comp Claim is Covered

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that compensates a person if they suffer an illness or injury at the place of employment. An individual might slip and fall, or they might have been exposed to dangerous chemicals that made them sick. If an employee cannot work because of an injury that occurred at the […]

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The Employer’s Side of Workers Comp

Often, employers are more concerned with the focus of their business and overlook potential opportunities when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance costs. But it’s important to note that workers’ compensation involves two parties: the employer and the employee. To give you a look at the other side of workers’ compensation, here are some common […]

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Most Dangerous Jobs

By Joseph Wilson, Jr., Attorney at Law As a North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney, I have met people from all walks of life who have been injured on the job. In some cases, these folks worked in jobs that they knew were dangerous, but many times they did not expect to be injured at work. […]

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