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North Carolina Anti-Bloomberg Law

The “Big Gulp” Bill, better known to lawmakers as House Bill 683, was signed into law on July 18, 2013. This law, known as The Commonsense Consumption Act, protects the fast food industry in North Carolina from frivolous obesity lawsuits, much like the class action suit filed by Bronx resident Caesar Barber in 2003 against […]

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Texting Ban- Behind on the Times?

In 2009, North Carolina joined 41 states in the effort to ban texting while driving. But some believe that this effort is already behind the times. Nearly every smart phone is now accompanied by some form of voice activation program, like Apple’s Siri. These programs allow users to dictate text messages, search for pizza, or […]

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North Carolina Stand Your Ground Law

“Stand-your-ground” laws have been taking the spotlight in the news lately due to the Zimmerman trial. This has some Carolina residents wondering if North Carolina has a “stand-your-ground” law? North Carolina, along with 23 other states, has some form of “stand-your-ground” law. This law originates from the Castle Doctrine, an old English law that stated […]

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