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Jeans for a Cure

Each year, the employees of Merritt Webb are offered the chance to wear jeans each day for an entire week if they are willing to donate $1 per day to a charity. Merritt Webb agreed to match dollar for dollar on all charitable donations collected from employees during this week.  All proceeds from this fundraiser […]

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Personal Injury Claims and Unfair Credit Practices

Personal injury claims aren’t always limited to physical injury cases. Person injury includes any harm done to another person’s body, property, credit, or rights. In theory, you can pursue a personal injury case for almost anything that has injured you, whether it is a slip-and-fall or a defamation case, as long as you can prove […]

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Bus and Truck Accidents

Bus and truck accidents happen more often than most people realize. The U.S. Department of Transportation has reported that in 2010 over 500,000 large trucks crashed occurred in the United States, of which roughly 13,000 were bus accidents. These accidents, called commercial vehicle accidents, can be devastating to those involved due to the large size […]

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Auto Accident Insurance Scams

Fraud, including insurance scams, is the second-most burdensome financial crime in the United States, second only to tax evasion [source: Edmunds]. These bogus claims can inflate your auto insurance premiums not to mention the legal headaches. To make sure you don’t fall victim, Merritt Webb gives you the following common auto accident insurance scams to […]

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The Employer’s Side of Workers Comp

Often, employers are more concerned with the focus of their business and overlook potential opportunities when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance costs. But it’s important to note that workers’ compensation involves two parties: the employer and the employee. To give you a look at the other side of workers’ compensation, here are some common […]

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