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Workers’ Compensation and Employee Termination

Does a workers’ compensation claim make it illegal for the employer to fire the employee? The laws surrounding this type of situation are meant to protect both the worker and the employer, in fairness to both. This means that the rights and responsibilities of both sides are spelled out, yet subject to some interpretation.  Job […]

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Fair Labor Standards Act Requirements

By Joy Rhyne Webb, Attorney at Law Many employers do not understand the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and therefore end up illegally underpaying their employees. The FLSA requires that all employees be paid at least the minimum wage when they work, and at least one and a half times their usual […]

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Afraid to Report Your Employer and Lose Your Job?

By Joy Rhyne Webb, Attorney at Law “Just be glad you have a job.” If you are currently employed and say anything at all negative about your job, you may have gotten this response. As Americans continue to struggle through tough economic times, those with jobs are often afraid to do anything that will rock […]

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Crossing the Line: At Work vs. Home

When can an employer tell you what you can or cannot do when you are not at work? Can you be fired for what you do on your off hours? Almost half the states in the U.S., including North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee are right to work states. This means that employers may terminate […]

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