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Keeping Your Car in Good Shape

There has been some talk of late of dropping the requirement in North Carolina for an annual vehicle inspection. Many states have dropped this requirement, believing that it does not truly make the roads safer. Whether an inspection is required or not, it is a good idea to keep your vehicle in good working order. […]

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Auto Accidents Highest on Fridays

A new study released by Nationwide Insurance has found that Mondays and Tuesdays are the safest days of the week to drive. The company analyzed claims from the past 10 months of 2012 and found that the majority of claims come in on Fridays with Wednesdays at a close second followed by Thursday. An analyst […]

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Understanding Grief

Many people expect to grieve the death of a loved one, but not everyone understands that other changes in our lives can cause us to experience a similar cycle of grief. Consider the following examples: A man is injured by a drunk driver on his way home from work, resulting in the loss of his […]

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Bike & Pedestrian Safety: Tips to Avoid an Accident

In many cities in the U.S., hopping in the car to get to your destination is a given. Mass transit, biking and walking are much less common as a means of transportation. Every year, thousands of bicyclists and pedestrians in the U.S. are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents involving cars or trucks. According […]

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After an Auto Accident…

By Jim Merritt, Attorney at Law No one plans to be in an auto accident, but thousands of people are in car crashes every day. If you are unlucky enough to be in an auto accident, there are some things you must do at the accident scene and after you return home. The auto accident […]

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