TN Auto Accident

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), 1,031 people died in auto accidents in 2010 on Tennessee roadways; thousands more were injured.  The Tennessee Highway Patrol is responsible for investigating all auto accidents that involve property damage, injuries or fatalities. If you are involved in an accident, contact *THP from your mobile phone.

Liability for auto accidents in Tennessee is based on a comparative negligence law. This means that if you were 50% or more responsible for the accident, you cannot recover from the other party. If you were 49% or less responsible for the auto accident, you can recover but your settlement amount may be reduced by the percent of negligence assigned to you. As an example, if you were determined to be 20% at fault and the settlement award was $10,000, it would be reduced by 20%, leaving you with an actual settlement of $8,000. Determination of fault can be tricky and can impact your claim. You should speak to a TN auto accident attorney to learn more.

TN Statute of Limitations

In Tennessee, if you do not file your lawsuit against the at-fault driver within one year of the date of the auto accident, you will be forever barred and will not be able to recover from the at-fault party or their insurance company for your personal injuries. If you do not commence the lawsuit within three years of the date of the accident, you will not be able to recover for damages to your vehicle. If you were injured by another person’s negligence, do not delay in consulting with a TN auto accident attorney.

The auto accident lawyers at Merritt Webb are anxious to aggressively represent your interests and ensure you receive just compensation for your injuries and losses. If you need a TN auto accident attorney either call us at 1.800.556.8404 or click here to fill out a short Auto-Truck Accident Submission form.

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