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Raleigh-Durham, Fayetteville, Charlotte, NC Elder Law AttorneyOften the elderly find themselves in need of long term medical care but are not in a position to make decisions about what kind of care they need or how to pay for it. It is important to make these decisions while you are still competent to do so, thus relieving the burden which otherwise may be placed on your family. For example, if you become disabled, you may need someone to manage your financial affairs on your behalf. If you have planned ahead and executed a Durable Power of Attorney, the agent you choose can step in and manage your assets. If you fail to plan ahead, your family will be required to petition a court to be appointed as your conservator and/or guardian. This can be a long and costly procedure.

It is no secret that long term nursing home care can be expensive. Most people need Medicaid benefits to help cover these costs. It is of paramount importance to know the qualifications for Medicaid in order to plan accordingly and to have a strategy in place before becoming incapacitated. Advice from a lawyer experienced in elder law is perhaps most helpful long before the time to apply for such benefits arrives.

At Merritt Webb, our experienced attorneys can provide the guidance necessary to formulate a specific and effective long-term care plan. Our attorneys stand ready and willing to assist you with your unique long-term care and estate planning needs.

Clearly, elder care issues are very important to the elderly, those who love them and all of us as we grow older. Elder care legal issues can be challenging. Our lawyers at Merritt Webb are anxious to assist you with your or your loved one’s unique long-term care and estate planning needs. If you have a probate or estate issue or need estate planning call us at 1.800.556. 8404.

Our lawyers at Merritt Webb are ready to help you deal with these issues quickly, decisively and efficiently. Just Contact Us. Help may be only a phone call away. Let us see if we can help you.

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