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We have attorneys that have been helping injured and wronged people, people in need of legal services, and small to medium-sized businesses for over 25 years. We are dedicated to helping our clients with their legal issues and problems. With almost 700 years of combined legal experience, one of our attorneys can help you with any of the following legal problems or issues if you contact us immediately.

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Have you been injured in a car or auto/truck accident?
Have you been injured by a doctor, nurse or hospital?
Have you been harassed or discriminated against on your job?
Have you been injured on the job?
Are you facing a criminal charge?
Are you facing a traffic charge?
Are you contemplating bankruptcy?
Do you need help with a professional or business licensing issue?
Do you have any general employment issues?

WARNING: If you are a LegalShield Member you may not use this method of seeking legal assistance. You must call the 1.800 number on your membership card. If you submit a request in this manner we will not be able to process you as a LegalShield member which could result in significant delays.

Merritt Webb has offices in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee and we are eager to bring the economies of scale created by our regional law firm to help right the scales of justice for you. We can help you wherever you are in our states and no matter what your legal problem or issue.

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