Some Dogs Need Space

A few months ago, we wrote about the Yellow Dog campaign, an initiative to prevent unwanted conflicts while walking your pet out in public (you can read our original blog post here.) The ingeniousness of this campaign struck us so much that we decided to check in on the program a few months later to see how it was fairing.

The initiative, which advocates for pet owners to attach a yellow scarf to dogs that do not interact well with others, or due to an illness or injury need to avoid interaction with others, was launched on June 27, 2012 in Sweden by Eva Oliversson. Since then, the initiative has spread to 12 countries with the website being translated into 18 languages.

The campaign sticks to its original aim to increase dog owners’ support of dogs that need a little more space or time to move away from humans or other animals. The yellow ribbon means “more space, please!” and gives dogs and their owners, who are more sensitive, more time and space to move away.

To learn more about this initiate, and to help us spread the word, you can check out their English-language webpage here or check them out on Facebook here.

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