New Trucking Safety Law in the Works

Schneider National Inc., a trucking company out of Wisconsin, has begun lobbying the Federal Department of Transportation to approve hair follicle drug testing and allow test results to be shared between trucking firms. Officials from this company began testing the hair of potential applicants for cocaine, marijuana, and other substances. 1,411 out of 38,000 would-be drivers failed, with 90% of the 1411 passing the urine test required under federal law.

Testing hair is a deterrent that prevents chronic and habitual drug users from even applying for the dangerous job of driving large transport trucks. Many companies already perform extensive background checks on applicants and are subject to strict safety guidelines by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). For example, repeated trucking accidents within a company could force a fleet to be ordered off the road until procedures are overhauled to ensure motorists safety. These are just a few things that the FMCSA has implemented to make the roads safer since their organization in 2000.

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