Carbon Monoxide Safety

There are many benefits of using natural gas in the home. For example; it’s clean, low-maintenance, efficient, and, best of all, dependable in bad weather. But natural gas emissions, like carbon monoxide, can cause sudden illness and death. Carbon monoxide is produced any time a fossil fuel is burned and it’s completely odorless and colorless. This makes Carbon monoxide especially deadly for home owners who have natural gas appliances.  If you have natural gas appliances in your home, here are some precautions to take when using natural gas as a fuel.

  • Make sure your natural gas appliances are serviced by a qualified technician every year and, when purchasing gas powered equipment or appliances, make sure your purchase has a seal from a testing agency like American Gas Association or Underwriters’ Laboratories.
  • Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector in your home and maintain it. Every spring and fall when you change the clocks, make sure the detector is working properly and has fresh batteries.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation for natural gas appliances and never burn anything in a stove or fireplace that isn’t vented. Also, have your chimney checked and cleaned yearly so that your fireplace is properly ventilated.
  • Never burn charcoal or run a gas generator indoors because it gives off carbon monoxide.

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