When Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

There are a lot of misconceptions about workers’ compensation attorneys. Many people do not understand how a workers’ compensation attorney can help them. If you are hurt at work, a workers’ compensation attorney can help protect your rights especially if you do not understand your rights.

Here are the situations when a lawyer should be contacted:

– Your claim was denied by your employer

Even legitimate claims are often rejected by insurers. A lawyer will help you appeal the denial.

– The money you get does not cover lost wages or medical expenses

While they may be compassionate about your injury, the goal of your employer is to give you as little money as possible. An attorney will work for you with only your best interests in mind.

– You are fired, demoted, or had your hours or pay cut

These are all illegal actions, and if they happen to you, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

– Your medical condition keeps you from working

If your injury was severe enough to make you partially or complete disabled, you could be eligible to receive lifetime payments or a large lump sum. Only an experienced lawyer will make sure you get exactly what you need and deserve.

– You have a claim against a third party

If a third party contributed to your injury, you have the right to sue them. This situation can get complex, so hiring an attorney is vital.

How Your Lawyer Will Help You

Any legal matters can quickly become complicated and confusing, and only lawyers will know the best ways to handle them. When you hire a workers’ compensation attorney, he or she will make sure all of the necessary paperwork is filled out correctly and filed in a timely manner, as well as help you prepare the requisite medical evidence. Perhaps most importantly, your attorney will evaluate the settlement offer. You may be enticed by a large sum of money, but your lawyer will be able to tell you if it is fair and will cover all of your expenses.

If you have been hurt at your job in the Raleigh/Durham area and are forced to miss work, think about getting in touch with Merritt Webb. We will give you all of the information you need and talk to you about your options. For over 25 years, we have been helping people in the Raleigh & Durham area just like you to get the compensation they are entitled to.

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