What To Do If You’re Arrested

The FBI has estimated that millions of Americans a year are arrested for different crimes that they may or may not have committed. In the United States, those arrested are given the benefit of the doubt and are considered innocent until proven guilty. Each and every person in the United States is entitled to specific rights under the law. These are called “Miranda Rights” and they aren’t just a script that police officers are supposed to read for the fun of it. Here are some things that you should do if you’re arrested:

  1. Remain silent but remain polite and calm- do not try to fight the police or run away. You do not have to talk to the police except to give your name. Do not try to lie and give a false name to the police. Make sure you ask for an interpreter right away if you do not speak the same language as they do. Do not give any statements to the police about what happened, consult with an attorney first.
  2. Contact an attorney or ask for one – You are entitled to legal counsel and if you cannot afford one then a court appointed attorney will be assigned to your case. Do not say anything to the police or cell mates while you are in custody or in jail about the incident.
  3. Try and remember the badge numbers and names of the arresting officer.  The police are there to get information about the potential crime; not to help you.  Officers will use all types of tactics to attempt to get information from you. If the police have used force and you have been injured, be sure to take pictures of your injuries and request medical attention if necessary.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to use this advice. If you find that you are arrested, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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