Vehicle Tag and Tax Changes for 2013

fggdfsdfgfIf you own a car in North Carolina, you should be familiar with the state’s unique property taxing and vehicle registration collection methods for motor vehicles. Up until recently, the NC DMV was responsible for collecting the fees associated with keeping your vehicle properly registered in the state, while the County Tax Departments were responsible for collecting the property taxes on registered cars in North Carolina.

The old system will soon be a thing of the past. Recently, the NC General Assembly passed House Bill 1779 (view here) which, beginning in mid-2013, will allow your registration fees and vehicle taxes be billed together.  A program the NC DMV is calling the Tag and Tax Together program. The total amount will be collected by NC DMV with the property taxes being forwarded to the county tax departments.

This new program in North Carolina will make paying your taxes and tag more efficient. These fees will still be payable online, by mail, or in person.  All fees, tax rates, and qualification for inspection will stay the same.

The new program launches in May 2013 for registrations due in July 2013.

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