Trucking Accidents – What You Need to Know

by Jim Merritt

Trucking accidents are horrific kinds of cases because tractor trailers weigh on average twelve to fifteen times more than a regular car. So, if there’s a high-speed collision between a tractor trailer and a car, the results are going to be devastating.

Trucking accidents have a lot of differences from auto accidents. For example; the majority of trucking accidents happen at night and oftentimes there are not many witnesses to trucking accidents except for the driver of the car and the driver of the truck. So, when we are contacted about a potential trucking accident case, we try to go to the scene as quickly as possible and gather as much evidence as we can. This is so that we can use scientific evidence to determine exactly how the accident happened when the client can’t.

This requires us to have immediate access to experts.  The type of experts who know what kind of evidence to obtain at the accident scene and how to interrelate this evidence with the State of North Carolina’s engineering teams that are sent out to investigate the trucking accident.

Usually, a trucker is going to be defended by a large trucking company and an even larger insurance company. These large companies are going to be on the scene within hours of the accident, if not sooner.  They are going to have their own engineers gathering evidence and investigating the scene; measuring the distances, measuring the impact, and hoping and praying the person who is injured is not going to a law firm who has the ability and the resources to bring their own engineers to investigate.

Federal law regulates many of the actions of these trucking companies. It dictates how fast truckers are allowed to drive, how long the drivers are to be in the cab, the duration each trucker is to rest, etc. There are numerous laws that apply to trucking accidents but not to auto accidents. You need a law firm that familiar with these trucking rules and regulations.

Merritt Webb is a regional firm who is experienced in handling trucking cases. We have significant resources to invest in these types of cases to obtain the right experts so that we can use both physics and science to help us win your case.

So, if you have significant injuries or have lost a loved one as a result of a trucking accident, please consider giving us a call.

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