Tips and Tricks to Fighting Tickets with the Help of a Traffic Lawyer in Durham


A great deal of drivers will receive at least one traffic violation in their lifetime. In many of these instances, the motorist will feel wrongly accused by the ticketing officer, but will go ahead and pay the hefty fine and deal with getting points on their record anyway. The unfortunate thing about this is that, with the help of a traffic lawyer in Durham, many drivers out there actually have a good chance at fighting their ticket and winning their case. The problem is, they don’t know what steps to take or believe it will be too much effort, even though it could save them a considerable amount of time and money. At Merritt Webb law firm, our traffic attorneys advise their clients to use the following tips and tricks to accomplish a favorable outcome.


Learn the Law Concerning Your Charges

The law is difficult to understand in any capacity for someone who is not a lawyer or a judge. This is true even for some police officers. What this means is that an officer’s reasoning for giving you a citation may not technically coincide with what the law actually states. Your traffic lawyer in Durham will look carefully into each clause of the law concerning the specific infraction you were cited for. Once it’s broken down into pieces, it can be scrutinized to determine if, in fact, you violated every element within that offense or if there is any part that will exonerate you.


Choose a Viable Defense

Generally, telling a judge a sob story, or claiming that you weren’t aware of the particular law you broke, doesn’t make for a good defense. Your traffic lawyer in Durham will go over the circumstances with you to plan out a strategy to use in court that presents a viable explanation of the events that occurred. Defenses that do stand up in court include ones that prove the officer made a technical error on the ticket, the officer pulled over the wrong car, the officer’s view was obstructed, or the equipment used (such as a radar gun or traffic camera) was faulty. In addition, there is the chance that the officer who ticketed you won’t show up to your court date, automatically handing you a victory based on the fact that you weren’t able to question your accuser.


Come to Court Prepared

Though it may handle less serious offenses, traffic court is still court and you will be expected to conduct yourself accordingly. Always dress to impress and speak with your lawyer ahead of time about the dos and don’ts of courtroom etiquette. Come prepared with all the evidence (photos, witness testimonies, etc.) you have to back up your side of the story.


Not every traffic violation is worth fighting, but knowing that they are absolutely not impossible to beat should make every driver stop to consider consulting with a traffic lawyer in Durham before conceding to a guilty charge and handing over quite a bit of money. The attorneys at the Merritt Webb law firm will help you examine all your options.

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