Taking Steps Together Campaign

Earth Day

This month Merritt Webb celebrated Earth Day by collecting shoe donations from employees in our Taking Steps Together Campaign. Merritt Webb’s offices collected over 100 pairs of shoes that their employees no longer used.

Did you know….

  • it takes approximately 60 to 80 years for a tennis shoe to decompose in a landfill.
  • it takes approximately 20 to 40 years for a pair of leather shoes to decompose in a landfill.
  • it takes approximately 50 to 80 years for a rubber boot sole to decompose in a landfill.

~ Our North Carolina offices donated their shoe collections to the PTA Thrift Shop (www.ptathriftshop.org/home.shtml). This organization is Green Plus Certified and serves adults, children, and families by using its financial and soft goods resources to fun educational needs and support human services. Any items that are not sold in their store will be shared with sustainable community partners for recycling.

~ Our South Carolina office donated shoes to the Keep the Midlands Beautiful Shoe Recycling Challenge Project (www.keepthemidlandsbeautiful.org). These shoes will be sent to cobblers for repairs. Once repaired they will be distributed to partners through Funds2orgs and used in developing nations for impoverished families. Any shoes that are not able to be repaired will be repurposed.

~ Our Tennessee office donated tennis shoes to the Nike Reuse project. This project uses recycled materials from tennis shoes to be used for sporting surfaces such as track, turf fields, and courts.

We had a huge amount of donations in each office. Thank you to every employee who contributed to such a great cause!

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