Protecting Seniors From Slip and Fall Accidents

Most seniors enjoy being able to get out and about in town, and some easy exercise from walking can help them remain independent. Problems arise when seniors experience even a small slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, a spot of rough pavement, a turned-up corner on a floor mat or rug, slippery spots and other hazards can result in painful injuries and disability.

Our personal injury attorneys understand the extent to which a slip and fall accident can change lives. A broken hip or spinal injury could leave a person unable to work or to continue normal lifestyle activities. A moment of negligence by someone else is often the cause of such accidents. If a business owner is aware of a potential hazard but fails to mark that area properly to warn visitors or guests, they can be liable for damage claims, including expensive medical treatment bills and income losses.

Prevention of slip and fall accidents requires some foresight on the part of property owners and renters. A frequent visual inspection to identify potential hazards and making prompt repairs to damaged flooring or walkways is a good solution. If the property owners fail to do this, they could be negligent and responsible for injuries that occur due to that hazard. Seniors are especially in jeopardy for slip and fall accidents, because their aging bones may be more fragile, their balance may be less acute than when younger, and they may just be a little less able to recover from an accident.

Recovery from a slip and fall accident could mean surgeries to repair broken bones, torn tendons and other internal damage. A head injury can change a life permanently or even end it. Expenses for doctor and hospital bills, rehabilitation therapy, home or nursing home care and other medical expenses associated with a personal injury accident can add up quickly.

Being injured in a slip and fall accident due to someone else’s negligence can be painful and unpleasant, and it can mean extra expenses for medical care and treatment after the fall. It is important that persons who have been injured in this manner contact an experienced slip and fall accident attorney right away, to maintain all rights to fair compensation for their injuries. Call our personal injury attorneys for legal representation of the highest quality and compassion. We are ready to help you get past this hurtful moment in time.

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