North Carolina Motorcycle Helmet Laws

North Carolina’s House Transportation Committee approved a bill that could change North Carolina motorcycle helmet laws.

Representative Larry Pittman of Concord mentioned at the meeting that motorcyclists who chose not to wear helmets are not hurting anyone other than themselves.

The bills will reduce the penalty for violators of the helmet law from a $130-$135 court fee to $25.50 per infraction.

Currently, North Carolina has a mandatory helmet law for riders of all ages. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that helmets reduce the chance of a motorcycle crash death by 37% and head injuries by 69%.
Helmets are credited for saving 1,544 lived in 2010.

If approved, motorcycle riders under the age of 21, as well as riders over the age of 21 who have been licensed to ride less than 12 months, would be required to wear helmets while older, experienced riders could opt not to wear them. To compensate for the lack of a helmet, riders would be required to carry enough insurance to cover the first $10,000 worth of medical bills for potential injuries from a crash. The motorcycle safety act is another, you can read more about it here.

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