New Laws in North Carolina

Durham NC Criminal LawyerThe new laws and new changes were passed during the 2013 North Carolina Legislative Session.

A large portion of the legislation deals with criminal offenses and punishments.  These changes included numerous amendments to the current classification of criminal misdemeanors.

Here are some of the changes that you may find you need to know:

  • Motorists will now face a $500 fine for passing a stopped school bus.
  • If the motorist passes the stopped bus and collides with a child, the motorist may face fines up to $2,500, and felony charges, if the driver hits the child and the collision results in a death.
  • Twenty-five types of misdemeanor crimes have been reduced to the lowest possible misdemeanor level (class three), making them punishable only by a fine. This includes failure to return rental property, driving while license is revoked, failure to obtain a driver’s license before driving, and worthless checks less than $2, 000. All misdemeanor crimes at this level have fines that cannot exceed $200 without the possibility of jail time.
  • The new laws are clearer for those trying to bring murder charges against someone who has caused the death of a child in utero or after delivery.


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