Merritt Webb Donates Old Computers to Help Local Education

When it came time for the Durham office of Merritt Webb to get rid of old computers and other electronic equipment, Merritt Webb researched ways this old equipment could benefit the local community.  A local company, Triangle Ecycling, was discovered.

Triangle Ecycling is a business located in downtown Durham, NC. Their business is the collection, refurbishing and recycling of computers and electronics. Their mission is to educate and mentor high school students, protect our environment and give back to our community.

A Green Plus Certified company, they guarantee the security and destruction of all data on any donated hard drives. All electronics are either refurbished and used for teaching in their high school internship vocational training program or ethically recycled pursuant to a 0% landfill policy. Triangle Ecycling contributes 10% of profits to Durham Public Schools in support of sustainability education.

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