Merritt Webb Can Maximize Your Workers’ Comp Claim

If you or a friend or loved one has been injured while at work or while performing an activity required by or related to your work, you deserve to receive fair and just compensation by your employer during your medical care and while recovering from your injuries. Workers’ compensation laws are in place to guarantee that you receive just such reasonable treatment and employers carry workers’ comp insurance to cover their injured employees’ medical expenses and lost wages.

Sometimes, however, there are complications in the process or disagreements about events and it would be wise to consult with a workers’ comp attorney for advice and counsel. At Merritt Webb, our attorneys have extensive experience with these cases and will work diligently to ensure that you receive all benefits and compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

Unlike a personal injury case, a workers’ comp claim does not depend on proving negligence in court. The only thing that needs to be substantiated is that you, the employee, were injured during the performance of your job, including while driving on company business or representing the company at an official function or as a result of contracting a work-related condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome or a disease like black lung.

Since a workers’ comp claim is the only claim an injured employee is allowed to file against an employer, it becomes even more important to rely on the expertise of an attorney who knows and understands all of the legalities involved.

In addition, you certainly are entitled to sue a third party who may have caused your injury. But, it should be noted that, if you win the case, the workers’ comp insurance company will be able to recover all dispensed compensation up to the amount awarded in court, because you cannot lawfully be paid twice for the same injury.

Workers’ Comp Benefits

If you have been injured on the job, you can expect to receive compensation for all legitimate medical expenses, although you may be required to see a specific medical provider approved by your employer. In addition, different states offer varying workers’ comp benefits. Below are listed benefits in North Carolina, the only state in which Merritt Webb handles workers’ comp cases.

North Carolina

  • Your employer must receive notification of your injury in writing within 30 days of the accident or diagnosis, or you may forfeit the right to file a workers’ comp.
  • You will receive a form to fill out and return to your employer and you will be given a signed copy for your records.
  • Within 14 days, your employer must start payments or notify you that your claim has been denied.
  • If you are totally disabled, you should receive two-thirds of your salary for the duration of your disability.
  • If you have to work in a lesser position at reduced pay, you should receive two-thirds of the difference between your previous salary and your current one for a maximum of 300 weeks.
  • Benefits begin seven days after the injury, but if recuperation lasts longer than 21 days, the first seven days will be compensated.
  • If the accident ended in the employee’s death, workers’ comp benefits will include up to $3,500 for burial expenses and dependents will receive some additional benefits.

With North Carolina offices in Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville and Raleigh, our experienced attorneys are here to handle your workers’ comp case!

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