Hurt on the Job? Here’s What You Need to Do

Getting hurt at work can be a scary experience, but as along as you know how to handle the situation, it can be a lot easier to deal with. If you have been injured on the job, keep these 10 tips in mind:

Report the incident and your injury as soon as you can

Any injury you suffer at work, even a minor one, should be reported to a supervisor immediately and a form 18 should be filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. If you do not report your injury in a timely manner, you could run the risk of being denied workers’ compensation benefits.

Seek medical treatment if needed

Often insurance companies believe that if you didn’t visit a doctor, your injuries were not serious.

Collect the names of any witnesses

If someone saw the accident and how you got hurt, make sure you get his or her name and contact information.

Be detailed about how you were injured

If you have to see a doctor, tell them exactly what happened and how you were hurt. It is also important that you tell anyone treating you that the injury occurred at work. When talking to your employer, make sure you tell the entire story. An employee’s first report of an injury holds a lot of weight with insurers.

Always be consistent

The easiest way to be consistent with how you were hurt is to be honest. Even if the injury may have been your fault or could have been avoided, tell the truth. Often workers’ compensation claims are denied if there are inconsistencies in an employee’s statement. Just tell everyone exactly what happened.

Make sure all accident reports are filled out properly

If you have to fill out and sign an accident report, do so accurately. Do not feel as if you have to fill everything out immediately. If you are not well and are unable to concentrate, you can always fill them out at a later time.

If asked, sign a limited medical authorization

You could be asked by the insurer to sign an authorization that will allow the company to get copies of your medical records related to the work injury. Insurance carriers are entitled to request not only medical records related to the work injury but also previous medical records.

Get the treatment you need

If you have appointments to see doctors or other healthcare professionals, do not miss them. An insurer will see a skipped appointment as a sign that your injury is not serious or you are completely better.

Think about talking to an attorney

If you believe that you deserve compensation for your injuries and your employer or their insurance company sees things differently, you should consider speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney. If you have been hurt at work, get in touch with Merritt Webb. Our firm has been helping people get the compensation they deserve for over 25 years, and we can do the same for you.

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