How to Determine if a Workers’ Comp Claim is Covered

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that compensates a person if they suffer an illness or injury at the place of employment. An individual might slip and fall, or they might have been exposed to dangerous chemicals that made them sick. If an employee cannot work because of an injury that occurred at the workplace, the worker might benefit by contacting a workers’ compensation attorney to protect their rights. An attorney will look at the criteria to see if the claim will be covered.

In order for a workers’ comp claim to be covered, an illness or injury must have taken place. If an accident occurs that results in only property damage, individuals do not have grounds for a claim.

In order for a workers’ compensation claim to be covered, the incident must have occurred while on the job. An individual cannot be hurt at home or on the way to work and then file a claim. An employer must confirm that the injury or illness occurred while the employee was working, and it is helpful if the individual has witnesses to verify the claim.

An employee might be injured at work; however, in order for him to file a claim, the injury must be a result of the employment. An employee cannot suffer a heart attack, or he cannot choke on a hot dog at lunch and claim workers’ compensation. An individual must prove that the accident was a result of performing their job duties.

Individuals who are hurt due to a workers’ comp injury may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages and lost future wages. A workers’ compensation attorney can explain the options to clients to see if a lawsuit can be filed.

A workers’ comp attorney can help individuals understand the criteria needed to file a workers’ compensation claim. If a client has grounds to file a lawsuit, an attorney can prepare the documents and make sure the employee gets the compensation he deserves.

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