How to Deal with the Insurance Company After an Accident

If you’ve been in an auto accident, the phone calls and letters begin almost immediately after the accident occurs. Sometimes, there is even an in-person visit from an agent or attorney from the insurance company. Victims of an automobile accident often make significant mistakes when speaking with an insurance company or responding to written correspondence that makes it impossible to collect damages sufficient to cover expenses. If you find yourself in this situation, it is critically important to understand that the insurance company is not a friend. Their goal is to settle for the least amount of money possible to protect their bottom line. Insurance is a for-profit business, and all profit-driven businesses operate to make money, not lose it.

The Insurance Company Phone Call

The format is usually the same. A representative from the insurance company will call and the agent will be polite and offer words of comfort for what the victim is experiencing. Before the important questions begin, the agent then asks if the phone call can be recorded. This is where the trouble can really begin. The questions and responses that are recorded can be manipulated in any manner, and innocent statements of uncertainty or messing up on a single detail can, and will, be used against the victim.

If a call from an insurance company is taken, it is best to refer the agent to the auto accident attorney retained to handle the case. Accident victims must avoid even friendly banter. They should not agree to go over simple details such as where and when an accident occurred. An oversight or error, no matter how unintentional or seemingly inconsequential, can cause problems. An attorney should take all calls and answer all correspondence.

The Accident Settlement Offer

Insurance companies know when it is best to offer a settlement to avoid having to pay out a considerably larger sum of money. Victims who are still in the hospital can receive an offer by mail, phone call or direct visit from an insurance company. The number of zeros on the check can be very tempting; however, the amount may not even cover the hospitalization costs. There are numerous things to consider when one is a victim in an auto accident – things such as lost wages or even reduced earning potential due to long term or permanent loss of abilities are all factors to be considered. Who is going to pay for rehabilitation or even some adaptive equipment needed at home during the time of recovery? What if the loss is permanent? Who will pay for the education of children or the monthly mortgage?

No monetary value seems appropriate for losses that can result from an automobile accident. However, the reality is that many of times the expenses do not go away after an accident, but they actually increase. The increase in financial needs is also coming when the ability to earn it has been hampered or completely taken away.

Financial hardship should not be an additional burden placed on accident victims. An accident victim should not have to worry about keeping food on the table or a roof over their family. The victim needs to be free to do what is necessary to get as well as possible. Hiring the services of an experienced auto accident attorney at can ease at least some of the worries that come from being a victim of an accident.

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