How Can Personal Injury Lawyers in Durham Help You?

If you’re a Durham area resident who has been hurt, you might be wondering if personal injury lawyers can help you. You might call a lawyer without hesitation if you’ve been injured in a car accident, but did you know that you may be due a settlement for your injury regardless of where or how it has happened? Here are just a few of the types of personal injury cases we handle at Merritt Webb in Durham.

Negligence Cases

Our personal injury lawyers have represented many clients who have been critically injured, or the loved ones of people who have died, due to someone else’s negligence. If you’ve been injured in a home or on someone’s property due to their negligence or lack of upkeep, homeowners’ insurance may not cover all you deserve for loss of work or the loss of your previous quality of life. That’s when Merritt Webb personal injury lawyers go to work for you, fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Similarly, you may be injured by a product that should have been recalled. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, they are likely to help you reach a settlement that works for you.

Medical Malpractice

As much as we put our trust in medical professionals when we are ill or injured, literally putting our lives in their hands, we can also be placing ourselves at risk. Today’s physicians, nurses, and surgeons are overworked and hospitals are often understaffed, which can lead to careless errors that, sadly, can cause critical injuries, infections, and even death for the patients. While most doctors and other medical professionals are conscientious and do the right thing, a misdiagnosis or careless mistake can be tragic.

Medical malpractice cases are not the same as other personal injury cases. Doctors and hospitals have teams of lawyers who are trained to defend against medical malpractice suits. To win a case, the malpractice victim needs lawyers who are just as knowledgeable, experienced and devoted.

At Merritt Webb, we have lawyers who specializing in medical malpractice and have extensive medical knowledge, expertise in questioning doctors, and expert connections that can help support your case. Whether it was you or a loved one who was injured due to the negligence, misdiagnosis or wrongful action of a doctor, Merritt Webb can help.

Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you’ve been injured on the job, you might require assistance filing your workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation cases involve filing lots of forms that have specific deadlines.  An experienced attorney can assist you in this process and help make sure that all the paperwork is completed correctly and filed timely. If your case does go to court, you’ll want the best personal injury lawyers in Durham by your side.

If you’ve been injured while you were working – whether you were onsite, driving during company time, or representing the company at a trade show, you are not permitted to sue your employer or the company for personal injuries outside of your worker’s compensation claim. However, in some cases you may be able to sue a third party for negligence. For instance, if you were injured on faulty equipment you may sue the equipment manufacturer, or if you were involved in a car accident, you can sue the other driver’s insurance company.

In addition to helping with your worker’s comp claim, the personal injury lawyers at Merritt Webb can let you know all of the options you have to file a lawsuit, if you have been injured on the job.

Get What You Need with Merritt Webb Personal Injury Lawyers

In a comprehensive study completed by the U.S Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 60 percent of all cases in the U.S. are personal injury lawsuits. Yet, only 4 percent of these cases ever go to trial. With strong personal injury lawyers on your side, the likelihood of a settlement is strong. That means you will collect the compensation you deserve without the stress of going to court. Merritt Webb can help.

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