Facing Legal Issues? Turn to Merritt Webb, Your Durham Law Firm

At Merritt Webb, the attorneys in our practice understand how complicated problems impact your family. When something serious happens to you in the Bull City or anywhere in the Research Triangle region, you may not have a clear idea of what to do first or who to turn to for advice. But, the lawyers in our organization are well-versed with the law. And, we want to be your Durham law firm.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

If you or a family member has been hurt, or your car, home or other property has been damaged, and the incident was not your fault, the other person’s insurance company is going to try to settle for an amount as low as possible. You will need expert advice from one of the experienced attorneys with our law practice to analyze the evidence, anticipate potential areas of conflict, and negotiate solutions that result in the fairest settlement for you.

Maybe you’ve been in a collision that involved a commercial truck, which makes your case even more complex.  Accidents between cars and trucks typically result in much more extensive damage to the car and much more serious injuries to its passengers because of the size and weight of the truck. Trucking companies – whether headquartered in the Research Triangle area or elsewhere – typically have legal firms on retainer, and often have entire legal departments, whose only job is to protect the company from paying large settlements. You will need a counselor who is well-versed in laws that pertain specifically to truck accidents.

Medical Malpractice

You really don’t know when a regular visit to the doctor may be complicated by a misdiagnosis, or a routine surgical procedure might become serious because of a practitioner’s error. The Durham and Research Triangle region is home to some outstanding health facilities and some of the best practitioners around. But, when a health condition gets worse because of a professional’s mistake, you will need to consult with a firm that knows medical malpractice law. Requirements for filing claims and bringing lawsuits against medical personnel and facilities are very different from other civil actions. Put your confidence in a practice that has skilled and experienced attorneys in this specific area.

Workers’ Compensation

Whether it’s in the city of Durham or on the campus of Research Triangle Park or anywhere in the state of North Carolina, really, if you become ill or injured while you are doing your work you have a right to expect that your bills will be paid and a portion of your salary will be available for your family’s welfare. If your employer, or the company’s insurance company, disputes your claim, you will surely need the services of a firm with lawyers who understand the complexities of workers’ compensation law.

These are just a sampling of the situations that call for you to contact a legal organization with the expertise to win your case; that firm would be Merritt Webb.

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