Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

Do you need a business lawyer in North Carolina? What can a business lawyer do for you? This may cross your mind as you set out to start your own business. Large or small, there are a number of things a business attorney can do for you from giving you advice on how to structure your business to protecting your rights if you were to get sued. When it comes to your business, you should think of your lawyer like a doctor. You should go to your lawyer for check-ups.  You should have your attorney review contracts, asset sales and purchases, commercial real estate purchase and sale, labor law matters, intellectual property concerns, bankruptcy matters and to give you advice. This advice will help you avoid serious legal issues down the road.

One of the biggest things an attorney can help you with, from the beginning, is in helping you to create your business entity. This may seem simple to most people, but if you intend for your business to operate and be subject to the laws in several states then you want to make sure your business is compliant with the laws for those states.

If you’re starting a non-profit business, a lawyer can advise you if there are specific state laws that apply to a specific type of business. For example, in Tennessee, non-profits are governed by the Tennessee non-Profit Corporation Act which automatically exempts non-profits from franchise and excise taxes.

Another reason to seek out an attorney for your business is for assistance with obtaining or defending business or professional licenses. Licenses are granted by the state in which your business resides and can be revoked by state boards. These proceedings can be adversarial and having a lawyer on your side can be important in protecting your rights.

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