Back to School

By now – at least for most of you – the 2012-13 school year is underway. Even if you don’t have children, please remember to use caution near schools, bus stops and anywhere kids may be playing. Here are some tips to keep things moving smoothly:

  • Your morning commute may be longer when school buses are on the road. Allow extra time.
  • Pack school lunches the night before so you are not rushed in the morning.
  • Have your kids lay out their clothes the night before.
  • Research has proven that kids who get enough sleep and who eat breakfast do better in school.
  • Work to impress on your kids the importance of telling you ahead of time when they need supplies for a project. Shopping for last minute “emergency” supplies at 10 p.m. is seldom a good experience!
  • Watch for school zones and obey the posted limits during school hours. While some schools use signs with flashing lights, others do not and it may be harder to remember to reduce your speed.
  • Know the laws in your state regarding stopped school buses. Not only is it dangerous for kids trying to get on or off the bus when cars ignore the law, drivers may be subject to an expensive ticket, points against their license for a moving violation, and, potentially, an insurance rate increase.
  • In most states, school buses must stop at ALL railroad crossings to double-check for trains. They may also have to abide by lower than posted speed limit signs on highways. Avoid tailgating school buses or getting angry with the drivers for obeying the law.
  • Watch for kids walking or biking to school. This is especially important in the winter when mornings are darker.

The attorneys and staff at Merritt Webb hope you have a great school year!

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