Staying Protected with Holiday Travel

This holiday season, millions of people will hit the roads to visit loved ones. While they are on the way to get their turkey, these drivers will encounter many dangers. Tens of thousands of drivers will be run off the road or experience similar troubles. When these accidents happen, you will need the help of a good Durham auto accident attorney. These accidents bring into play a number of different possibilities – many people experience significant injuries when they are involved in a wreck, while others will have to spend time out of work in order to heal. Others still will have mental and emotional distress. A good lawyer can protect your rights when you are in this situation.


What to do when you are injured in an accident

Some people will make critical mistakes this holiday season when they first get involved in an accident. Many people will make admissions or statements that hurt their case down the road, while others will make mistakes that hurt their ability to preserve evidence. The right move is to get in touch with an attorney as quickly as possible. People who do not enlist a Durham auto accident attorney put themselves in grave danger. If you are injured, your first call should be to a lawyer – this will ensure that you do not make critical mistakes in the early going.


The settlement process

When a holiday accident happens, you will probably have to go through a settlement process. The insurance company of the other driver will undoubtedly want to get rid of the lawsuit right away, and they will offer to pay a certain amount to account for your damages. When you have these settlement discussions, you need a lawyer on your side. A good attorney can make sure that you get the best possible deal from the other side. Going into the settlement discussions unprepared is a recipe for disaster.


Proving medical expenses as damages

People who are injured in holiday accidents might have to spend a few days in the hospital. In the most serious instances, they will have to go through surgery and weeks of rehab. A good attorney can ensure that you recover all of these different costs. From hospital stays to expensive surgeries, you will need to prove these medical expenses when you go to court. The person who was responsible for the accident will certainly have to pay their part, and a good lawyer can help convince a jury that you are entitled to these damages and more.


Lost wages and other damage claims

You will also want to show that the accident caused other serious financial consequences. For instance, you might have lost wages for those days that you were injured. You might have lost future earnings by not being able to work. How about emotional damage and your pain or suffering? These things are worth money in the current system. A good Durham auto accident attorney can make sure that your rights are protected when you have an unfortunate car crash.

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