A Win for Bicycle Safety in Raleigh

Bicyclists in Raleigh are cheering for another win in the name of safety. Yesterday, Raleigh approved a city-wide ordinance requiring drivers to check their rear-view mirrors before opening their doors when they park on city streets.

The new measure is meant to prevent cycling accidents, or crashes as cyclists prefer to call them, where the cyclist collides with open car doors. According to Raleigh officials, more than 300 collisions have occurred between bicycles and vehicles in the past 5 years.  Only 3 of those crashes in the past 5 years have been between a door and a bicyclist.

As a result of the ordinance, if you fail to look out the rearview mirror, and check if the coast is clear before opening your door, you may be hit with a $40 civil penalty.

But the real trouble begins if a “dooring”, the slang term for a collision between a car door and cyclist, occurs. Not only will you be hit with a fine, failing to comply with the ordinance may also leave you liable for a personal injury claim.

Cycling crashes are one of the biggest concerns for cycling enthusiasts. Most crashes are solo ones, accidents that occur between the cyclist and no one else. Even solo accidents can result in serious injuries but the chance of having a serious cycling accident increases dramatically when a car is involved.

If a cyclist is injured from a drivers’ negligence, the victim of negligence has the right to be compensated for their injuries. If you’re a cyclist who has been injured by the negligence of a driver and feel you need help being compensated for your injuries, contact an attorney who is experienced in personal injury.

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